About Up & to the Right

Up & to the Right Consulting is a boutique practice servicing both startups (Seed stage <20 employees) and scale-ups (Series A to C, 100-500 employees) focused on building a successful business through the alignment and development of their people.

We are on a mission to develop, engage and align your people through our core offerings:

  • Fractional People leadership, strategy & project based consulting
  • Executive coaching and advisory with a focus on performance management & leadership
  • Management & leadership training programs
  • Offsite facilitation (e.g. strategy alignment, team communication, working agreements)

Fractional People leadership, strategy & project based consulting

Too early to hire a full time VP/CPO but needing strategy support or guidance to scale intentionally?

Have a People leader in transition or on leave? Have people related projects and need a subject matter expert to bring them to life?

Are you a Head of People who needs to outsource an initiative (e.g. compensation strategy refresh/build, performance strategy overhaul, etc) to an experienced executive who can both build a strategy and execute on the operations?

There are a variety of People & culture needs at startups and scale-ups.  Nic provides retainer based embedded People leadership as well as project based consulting to meet the needs and goals of your business.

Executive coaching and advisory with a focus on performance management & leadership

Executive coaching designed for leaders looking to increase self awareness and interpersonal skills without losing their authenticity.

You don't have to be with a Fortune 100 to have this competitive advantage.

As a certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) practitioner, Nic utilizes the HBDI® to aid self-discovery with clients and provide guidance for leaders across all aspects of the employee lifecycle - hiring, expectation setting, performance management, & team dynamics.

Looking to support your Series A-C Head of People with their individual development and strategic growth? Nic’s advisor as a coach offering gives strategic up-leveling and capability building for your People leader in addition to traditional coaching.

Management & leadership training programs

Combining theory, experience and practical tools, your leaders will gain the skills and knowledge needed to perform at their best.

The Management Cohort Training Program offers 6x 2x hour sessions facilitated virtually and covers the key employee lifecycle moments a manager needs to focus on, including:

  • Building trust & effective 1:1 routines
  • Setting clear, explicit expectations
  • Giving micro-feedback
  • Coaching underperformance (macro-feedback)
  • Developing high performers

Managers begin the cohort by completing the HBDI psychometric, which enables them to reflect on their individual communication preferences and the impact that has on their leadership style.

Average rating of the program from all participants to date: 9.2/10 would recommend

Nic also builds and facilitates bespoke sessions complete with engaging content, practical tools and real life application to optimize learning outcomes and business goals. For example, difficult compensation conversations, feedback 101, scaling culture, preparing for performance reviews (mix of feedback, perf. strategy & what to expect heading into review cycles, etc.)

Offsite facilitation (e.g. strategy alignment, team communication, working agreements)

Offering both fully remote (global) and in-person offsite facilitation (location dependent), Nic can take the burden of facilitating your next leadership offsite off of your executives who should be fully participating. As a neutral third party, Nic runs a variety of workshops tailored to your offsite goals.